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Joel Shaw is a 19 year old straight guy from England that is very excited to do his first porn video. His bright face and attitude is refreshing for amateur. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and most important, has a good time while showing off his assets. His face and chest look naturally smooth and maybe even a little flushed. While doing some poses the bulge in Joel’s jeans grows bigger and it is obvious that he can’t wait to let his big uncut dick out. Joes lowers his pants and his cock is already sticking out of the edge of his briefs. Joel does a few more poses for the producer then lays back on the bed and pulls his underwear off to show us his 7 inch dick. His cock is so hard that the foreskin is already back but he tugs at it and plays with it a bit before wrapping his hand around the thick shaft to stroke out his load. Even after shooting cum up onto his own chest Joel looks like he is having fun. I hope they can bring him back for a blowjob or something. I’d be happy to volunteer my mouth to him any day.

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Daniel Rossi is a smooth British twink that loves to have people watch as he strokes his thick uncut cock. He does a slow strip, exposing his mostly smooth thin body. His legs are a lot hairier than his chest and look great against the white of his bulging briefs. Daniel can’t wait to start stroking and pulls his cock out the side to slide the foreskin back and go to work pumping the blood into his growing member. Once hard, Daniel pulls his underwear off and lays back on a bean bag chair to rub out a creamy load of jizz for us. His cum looks tasty pooling in his dark pubes.

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Sam Bishop and Stefan Stuart are one of the hottest duos at Hard Brit Lads I have seen in a while. These guys offer a bit of something that is sure to please almost everyone’s taste. Lets start with Stephan who takes the role of top. Stephan had a mostly smooth and definitely ripped body. You don’t get a body like his without spending time in the gym. Even his sex muscle is big measuring in at 9 full inches. Sam Bishop is the yin match to Stephan’s wang. Sam is a darker skinned with a much hairier body. While not as ripped, he has a masculine appearance complete with tattoos, piercings, and a two day scruff on his face. I love watching the butch guys that bottom and Sam proves himself as he deep throats and gets fucked by Stephan. Sam takes all 9 inches of Stephan’s hard cock in both holes and looks like he loves every inch of the jock’s uncut pleasure pole.

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Is it the hot lights or the hot model wearing sexy underwear that gets hairy British stud Dillon Buck all worked up? My guess is the blond American Braxton Bond wearing nothing except a pair of sexy underwear is what gets Dillon all worked up. The underwear don’t stay on long as Dillon gets in front of the model to suck his hard cock then lays him in a transparent bubble to fuck his tight butt. Braxton takes the big curved uncut cock of Dillon well as he jerks his own meat and doesn’t look any better than he does with streams of jizz across his stomach and chest.

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It may be cold and snowy in parts of the world but a few months ago it was sunny and warm. Dan Carver and Justin Harris took advantage of the warm weather and were taking a dip in the pool when Justin gets hungry for cock. Dan’s uncut dick is as good as any so… Justin pulls off Dan’s swim suite and gets to work sucking him off. They start in the water then move outside where Justin can get on his knees without worry of drowning. The hard cock in his mouth presents a different choking hazard that Justin handles like a pro.

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Door to door missionary JP Dubois is out spreading the word when he comes to the home of horse hung sinner Jaime Dean. Jaime sees something exciting in the young man’s eyes and even more appealing in his pants. It doesn’t take much before Jaime has JP naked and the guys are sucking each others dick. JP has already gone the way of sin performing oral sex on another man and becomes a full fledged sodomite when Jaime slams his church boy ass.

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