Jack and Shayne share a bit of their private life with us at UK Scally Lads. Each of these amateur men have done solo performances for our pleasure and they are real life boyfriends so they decided why not get paid for what we already do at home. After seeing the sex between these two voyeurs, I’d love to be their neighbor.

The two start off on the sofa with Shayne wearing a tee shirt that says do I fuck. Shayne is the cute skinny redhead of the two and Jack is the rougher looking lad with dark hair and facial scruff. Both men are very good looking. The two waste no time getting into the action with Jack stripping off Shayne’s clothes to show us his flaming red pubes and skinny hairless body. Shayne has the pinkest nipples on his creamy white skin and with virtually no body fat, his abs show off every muscles as he lays back and enjoys Jacks oral workout. Jack sucks Shayne’s hard dick letting the excess saliva run down the shaft, over his smooth ball sac, and onto his tight pink ass. After some heavy sucking jack moves his attention to Shayne’s already wet ass and probes the hole with his tongue. As Shayne’s cock throbs with the stimulation of his ass it is obvious that he is anxious to be fucked. And getting fucked he does. Jack puts a condom on his hard 8 inch uncut dick and slides it right to the base inside of Shayne. Jack pumps him harder as Shayne groans and tightens with each thrust. Wanting to feel every full inch of Jack, Shayne gets up and sits down on Jack taking every last inch of his dick inside him as he strokes his own rock hard cock. All of the stimulation must have got Shayne’s juices flowing because he shoots a stream of cum through the air and up onto his smooth chest and neck. Seeing that white cum all over Shayne’s smooth body is the final stimulus for Jack who can’t stop and adds a thick load of his own jizz to the mix.

Red haired scally gets fucked by RL boyfriend

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